Artist Statement

I create in order to clarify who I am and to express myself through my art. I call this my self-personalization series. My pieces consist of my gaze looking at the world and the gaze of others looking back at me. People living in modern society are usually suffering from the gaze and pressure of others. Through my artwork, I express the pressure from social and human relationships with crushed and lumpy faces and ask what my essence is in this modern society. My paintings highlight how differently people can perceive the same thing. Every person identifies with different colors and different emotions. In the process of finding my essence through my work, I depict my struggle in attempting to destroy such a gaze. I want to give a positive message and a wit through this work.

In addition, my work explores the conflict between consciousness and unconsciousness based on Carl Jung’s theory. Humans are living with the conflicts of consciousness and unconsciousness, and these conflicts are described as the struggle to better oneself. Inspired by this theory, I investigate the struggle to obtain the “perfect-self” through various forms of art making.

I am interested in how I can overcome the limits of this gaze to better understand my true identity. All my work follows the process of finding the true self in these distortions.

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